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It’s time to get God out of our political system

This is not a rebuttal of, or a retort to, your resident theocrat Stella Wilson (Write Back, September 3), but a statement of my opinion.

I am happy finally to see this debate in the mainstream media, rather than on the back-burner, waiting to explode.

Stella’s letter demonstrates that she wishes to change history in an attempt to benefit her beliefs.

It is brilliant to see people respond to her and point this out. The number of letters on the Write Back page has reignited my faith in people.

It is clear that a few people, who happen to be Christian, seem to think it is all right to shove their outdated belief system onto others.

We in Northern Ireland seem to try to elect these people. But electing theocrats to run our government is not helping.

It is time for a fair, open, free and secular country — not a country where the Caleb Foundation calls the shots. The case for God is null and void and the case for creation is non-existent.


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