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It's time to get real about AV referendum

In canvassing for the Assembly and council elections, there is little mention of the referendum that is also held on May 5 on the proposed change to our Westminster electoral system, the Alternative Vote (AV) system. AV is a divergence from the British electoral system that has served our nation well for generations.

The lack of interest in this unfair AV system is largely due to the very difficult economic circumstances we find ourselves in.

On the doorstep, it is jobs, education and health that are the real concerns of the electorate; bread-and-butter issues. There is no demand for an expensive change to the electoral system.

At a time of economic difficulties, the campaigners for such costly change - locally the Alliance Party - should get real and focus on tackling the electorate's concerns, rather than placating their Lib-Dem sister party in the coalition Government.


East Belfast DUP


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