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It's time to stop propping up this dead language

As we enter the season to commemorate the most wonderful work of Robert Burns, let me put down a few uncultured peasant facts about the Ulster-Scots language.

It can never be revived as a spoken language, never mind a written language.

However much we have loved it when it was alive and kicking, we must be realists and accept that it is dead when it truly is dead.

Let the frustrated and inarticulate continue to carry food to the grave.

End this inability to keep the corpse propped up by the Ulster-Scots Agency who are simply paying lip service to it.

This is the same agency that seems to think that Ulster-Scots is a badge of nationhood and takes refuge in the safe alternative culture, in the shape of marching band music and Jacobean Highland dance.

It grieves me what Burns would think about the silly opera Ulster-Scots Agency expressing its emptiness in this manner.

Wilson Burgess


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