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It's time to tackle China's pollution

Much has been made of the recently concluded COP21 talks in Paris, with those talks being cited as "the world's last chance" to put a stop to the climate change threatening us all.

While it would be extreme folly to deny that the climate is warming up to the detriment of all of us (look at the remarkably warm winter we've experienced thus far, for example), some perspective is also needed on the context of the talks.

Consider, for example, that in 2010, China - the world's largest producer of carbon dioxide - produced between nine and 10 billion tonnes of the stuff, which is roughly twice the output of the United States and two-and-a-half times that of the entire EU.

What tangible use is it to anyone to criticise the multiplicity of low-emissions countries that exist worldwide when it's the likes of China, India and America that are the real offenders?

What use is it to try to tackle global climate change through a country (or a group of countries) whose entire CO2 output, if somehow reduced to zero, would make not one bit of difference to global emissions?

To try to pin the same burden on our shoulders as on China's when it comes to reducing global emissions is nonsense.


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