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It's up to us all to give meaning to what life really is

ONE of the delights of Christmas is the variety of ways in which we celebrate the expectation of the coming of light into our lives. This has religious and secular significance in equal measure.

For some, the search for the meaning of Christmas raises questions about the meaning of life itself. However, seeking the meaning of life at Christmas - or at any time generally - yields little more than a frustrating dead end.

Christmas - and life - are what we make of them. It is we who give them meaning. We are beings in the making, with the capacity for good or evil, laughter, or tears. It is we who create the human world.

It is for this reason that we have an obligation to exercise our imagination and critical intelligence in relation to the direction we wish to see our country taking.

Christmas is a time when we have an opportunity to go beyond the grand political gestures to those little unassuming acts of kindness and of love that originate from more refined sentiments.

For many, the deep significance of Christmas is to be found in reflection on the stories, songs and carols that have embodied the longings and hopes of generations.


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