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It's wrong to take Christianity out out of Christmas

WHILE I appreciate Philip O'Neill's views on the place of organised religion at Christmas (Write Back, December 26), any attempt to remove the Christian belief from Christmas should be strongly resisted.

Of particular contention is Mr O'Neill's assertion that Christmas is and should be something celebrated by everyone on the basis of the celebration of the winter solstice that preceded it.

The simple fact is that schools don't close because of the winter solstice. The Civil Service does not shut down in awe of the longest night of the year.

Cribs and mangers have not sprung up all over the country to celebrate the sun swinging in its lowest arc in the sky. In fact, depending on the day that the winter solstice falls on in any given year, it may have no particular significance whatsoever.

The celebration of Christmas is because of the massive number of practising Christians to whom December 25 is important.

Generally, Stonehenge has precious little to do with it.


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