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Ivy bone to pick with your poster

Yet again the Belfast Telegraph has issued another great series of free posters - this time entitled Discover Nature - for readers to collect and they are always of the highest standard, both interesting and educational.

However, having studied horticulture as a teenager, I couldn't help noticing the picture of the ivy in the poster informing us what plants and animals we can find in our hedgerows.

The ivy shown was a variegated variety; that is with decorative leaves of white and green, which is a domesticated variety mostly grown as a house plant.

Variegated ivy may be grown outside in gardens, but it is a cultivated variety, not the green-leaved wild species found in our hedgerows. I thought that this should be pointed out just in case your excellent posters appear in schools or colleges, where students may conclude that variegated ivy is a natural wild species.


Bangor, Co Down


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