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Jailing flag protesters is Mugabe-style justice

Peter Robinson is correct to question the integrity of the judicial process in relation to the on-going flag protests.

We are supposed to be living in the UK, not Mugabe's police state, where legitimate dissent is met with a cracked skull and detention without proper cause.

The unpleasant fact is that mainstream unionism (and, indeed, republicanism) will not accept that the so-called 'peace process' is anathema to the political gangsters in Westminster, who wish to simply wash their hands and finally be done with the nasty warring tribes of Ulster.

In Croatia – another place where 'conflict-resolution' is a popular topic – of more than 500,000 Serbian refugees who fled what they perceived as a Catholic terror state in 1995, only a few thousand have returned because of continuing discrimination against them in the courts and legal system.

If the evidence does not support republicans being kept in custody they should normally be given bail. Better a hundred guilty go free than one innocent person be wrongly imprisoned. Clearly, this principle must also, then, apply to law-abiding unionists, whose only 'crime' is to want peacefully to assert their national and cultural identity against those who would rob them of their legitimate birthright.



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