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Jeffrey Donaldson wants death penalty restored. Do you agree?

And create a whole generation of 'martyrs' for people to idolise? Remember that the majority of people in Ireland were against the 1916 rebellion initially until the leaders were executed.


Georgie9: I'm sure you realise that the reason they were against the 1916 Rising is that Ireland was due for Home Rule anyway, which would, in turn, have been an inevitable stepping-stone to an independent Republic. Slán leat.


My goodness. I actually think I agree almost entirely with something Europephile said. Most Irish initially did dislike the Easter Rising. Home Rule was almost certainly on the way in the near future and it is possible - if not inevitable - that this would've lead to an independent Republic.

Big Chief Ally

Would never work. However, bring the death penalty in for paedophiles and I reckon you'd have your 99,999 signatures quickly.


I actually weep for this country sometimes.


Pointless even debating this issue. Capital punishment will never be reinstated. What we need is a return of appropriate, harsh custodial sentences for violent crimes. Punishment and deterrent.


This is madness. The legal system in this country is in such a mess you can't even convict people who commit terrible crimes (Omagh bombing). The chance of getting a conviction wrong is so high under the present system it's frightening. Having a death-penalty is madness. People like Donaldson should never be in government in a normal society. It's our electorate that has these fools messing up society.


How to get instant publicity when you feel your political profile needs a boost and you have sweet nothing to offer that might be considered constructive.



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