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Jesuit intolerance is a thing of the past

If, as John Gray asserts (December 14) there is a plaster cast in the Jesuit church in Rome depicting the Jesuit founder, Ignatius of Loyola, with his foot on the neck of Protestantism, then the Jesuits are to be complimented for not hiding it away.

The plaster cast is part of the past and no attempt is made to brush over that past and its Christian intolerance - a measure of which John Gray and others seem loath to let go of in the present.

That intolerance, however, was renounced some 50 years ago in the Second Vatican Council and its decree on religious freedom and its removal of the Index of Forbidden Books.

It made possible the recent visit of the present Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, along with others, including a Church of Ireland Archbishop, to the Church of Sweden to help commemorate the Catholic priest and reformer of the church, Martin Luther.

It should make possible a papal visit to Northern Ireland without noisy protests.

W A Miller

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