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Jihadi John is a product of us all

The unveiling of "Jihadi John" raises concerns. First, Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace. It does not condone the slaughtering of innocent people.

Violent extremists should be viewed as they truly are: criminals. They do not speak for Muslims or represent the Islamic faith.

Second, "Jihadi John's" Western background compels us to think differently. Military means cannot defeat this strand of extremism.

There is a need to engage with citizens as real stakeholders to fathom the causes of rampant frustration and marginalisation.

As Dr Marwan Muasher, vice president of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, eloquently put it: "We need a cultural war of values to address the very grievances that a lot of people have [which frustrate them] enough to move them to join such barbaric groups."


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