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Jim Allister has to accept Sinn Fein's mandate

Over the last few months, all I've heard in the media is Jim Allister telling everyone who will listen that the DUP has sold out, and how he is going to make them pay at the next election.

He tells us that he wouldn't share power with Sinn Fein/IRA and how he will guarantee that Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness won't be about Stormont.

Has this man no recollection of what happened in the late 1960s, when people didn't have a right to vote? This was one of the catalysts of the civil rights movement, which in turn spawned civil unrest, which in turn resulted in 40 years of bloodshed.

I am a loyalist and proud of it, but I realise that the majority of the nationalist community support Sinn Fein and put them in Stormont with a mandate which, for someone like myself, is hard to stomach. But I am also a democrat and I accept what the ballot box says. So, Jim wants to deny a great proportion of the electorate their rights, which is akin to what a dictator would do, and stoke up the flames for another 40 years?

What's the great master plan, Jim? I await it with bated breath.




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