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Jim Allister urged to tell us more

MEP Jim Allister directs us to examine his expenses claims (Write Back, April 8) so, given that he has initiated a discussion on the matter, could he please answer the following questions?

How much did Mr Allister claim for travel expenses from the European Parliament since his election?

How many trips has Mr Allister taken since election to the European Parliament and what was the total cost he claimed back from the European Parliament?

This is a particularly important following the revelation that Jim Nicholson enjoyed opera, a luxury cruise and vis

its to vineyards during a recent trip to Australia.

Who owns Mr Allister’s constituency office?

Will Mr Allister name all of his office employees?

How much is each individual employee paid from public funds?

Does Mr Allister employ any family members?

Who is paid for running Mr Allister’s website?

I hope that in the interests of transparency Mr Allister will answer these questions, which his website entry does not.

He cannot seek to set himself up as a paragon of virtue while withholding information that

other elected representatives have disclosed. These questions also apply to our other MEPs. I look forward to a full response.



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