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Job application raises alarm over online security

I recently made an online job application to Almac Clinical Services. This generally involves first registering on their HR website. One then receives email confirmation from Almac HR and a six-digit login pin to access and complete job application forms.

When I registered on the Almac site last week, I received a six-digit login pin and confirmation email, but not from Almac.

Instead, bizarrely, I received a reply email from someone who appears to be in HR at Newtownabbey Borough Council.

I am very concerned, since it poses a serious breach in the Data Protection Act, by disclosing a job applicant's information to a third party.

When I reported the issue to HR at Almac, they said it was some glitch in their automatic email system and not to worry.

Since then, I have lodged a Freedom of Information request with Newtownabbey Borough Council regarding this very odd IT problem.

This demonstrates, yet again, the unreliability of IT systems.

Perhaps we should all go back to writing plain, handwritten job applications with a fountain pen?

This bizarre experience does not fill me with much confidence concerning employers in Northern Ireland.


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