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Jordan making steps forward

I AM writing in response to Julie Burchill's nutty generalisations about my country of origin where, according to her, the Jordanian male is a lot deadlier than the female and regularly murders women and children. A miracle I escaped with my life.

Jordan, it is true, has not changed its laws to determine that honour killings are a different kind of murder and, until relatively recently, those who practised honour killing were protected and tolerated by local custom and, therefore, the law dealt with them too leniently. Not any longer.

Jordanian society has undergone a noticeable shift in attitudes and this type of murder is becoming increasingly repudiated. In fact, tough sentencing is now the norm.

Jordan has clearly been taking steps to improve her standing and protect her reputation.

Could one say as much about the other Jordan - or say as much of her admirer?


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