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Jubilee party was just a right Royal disaster

I agree completely with your correspondent Disappointed Taxpayer (Write Back, June 28).

I, too, was delighted at being one of the lucky 10,000 people to get a free ticket for the Jubilee party at Stormont. But I came away feeling I might as well have stayed at home.

I left home at 10am, arriving at the park and ride at Airport Road at 11am only to be astonished at the thousands of people in the queue with not a bus in sight. The stewards did keep us informed as to what was happening and it appeared that Translink had only laid on eight buses.

Another 23 buses apparently were requested, but we were informed that Translink said that, due to traffic congestion en route to Stormont, there was no point in laying these on.

I eventually got a bus and arrived at Stormont at 1.30pm, having waited two-and-a-half hours. The travel arrangements were shambolic.

On arrival at Stormont, I tried to get something to eat, but discovered that there was only one burger and one coffee van. The queues being a mile long, I gave up. Then, just to complete the disappointing day, I discovered that, unless you had an invitation, you were not allowed access to the upper end of Stormont, as it was solely for civil servants and dignitaries.

I feel that very little thought went into the organisation either of the transport or the actual 'party' itself. The segregation was just the final insult.



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