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Judges aren't problem here, lawmakers are

Jim Allister expresses concerns that Monday's High Court judgment on abortion laws would "worry many people" and should be appealed.

There needs to be a legal case in order to lodge an appeal and, no doubt, many legal eagles will be looking into this.

Mr Allister goes on to claim that the human rights of the unborn child have been given no thought. This is not the case.

I listened with my own ears as Justice Horner ruled that "the unborn child does not enjoy a full 'right to life' under Article 2".

Mr Allister insists the present law was "not an absolute bar to abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormalities". If this is the case, then perhaps he might demand that guidance be provided for all medical staff rather than denying women access to healthcare and forcing some to travel to other countries.

Mr Allister's other issue claims "the courts have overstepped their boundaries and sought to change the law rather than apply it."

I agree with Mr Allister that people should be worried that the courts have had to do the job he and our other 107 MLAs have been elected to do, but won't.


Deputy leader, Green Party NI

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