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Jury is still out on OTR responsibility

THE Sunday Post newspaper, of which I have been a reader for 50-plus years, has a weekly Email Jury column, where, on a Friday, it supplies a question and their Email Jury members give their opinions.

I am a member of this Email Jury and the question last week was on the topic of the secret letters from Tony Blair's government that assured Sinn Fein that their list of 180-plus suspected IRA terrorists would be granted immunity from prosecution. Respondents were wide-ranging.

Of the 15 respondents, nine unequivocally stated that there can be no immunity for murderers, four doubted the sincerity of the Government's intentions over the judge-led inquiry, one stated that the inquiry into these crimes should be held in the Hague and the other stated that, while criminals should always be brought to justice, sometimes the future is more important than the past.

In summarising this debacle, I am left believing that those who chose the path of war to achieve their political dreams differ little from those who govern our lives.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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