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Keep bikes out of parks and off footpaths

The proposal by the Forestry Service to restrict cycling in our forests and forest parks is to be commended and should receive support (News, June 16).

Before that eminently sensible measure is hopefully implemented, perhaps the relevant authority will take steps to stop the growing and dangerous practice of people riding bicycles on our pavements and seaside promenades.

And what about the safety and convenience of pedestrians on what were once walkways in rural areas of Belfast and other towns and cities? These areas used to be frequented by walkers of all ages, from toddlers and young mothers to pensioners, engaging in mankind's oldest and most popular form of recreation and exercise, which is walking. But there has been a massive reduction in the number of pedestrians.

Many have been driven away by the fear of speeding cyclists, sometimes two abreast, suddenly appearing around the next corner.

Why should families who are out for a stroll in forest parks, such as Tollymore and Castlewellan, have to be constantly looking over their shoulder for bicycles? Pedestrians and wheeled transport do not mix. Some solution should be found to separate the two. And that can only be done by restrictions.




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