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Kenny's speech on child abuse omits abortion

"brave, courageous, plain speaking, pragmatic, no nonsense" etc. Aren't we lucky to have a Taoiseach of this calibre?

And he has discovered the silver bullet for child abuse - "mandatory reporting". Why didn't we think of this before? And it escaped the attention of the previous Fianna Fail government, and even the previous government before that - Fine Gael/Labour.

And he also stood up to the tyranny of the Vatican. 'Bout time.

Alas, though, he does not understand the complexities of a difficult and important subject - child abuse.

He refers to the "rape and torture" of children. It's as well for him that he does not add, the "death of children". For the record of Fine Gael and Labour are not so good here.

Are we not correct in remembering the "Noonan Act" of 1995, which facilitated the taking of the lives of unborn children, thus giving a huge fillip to what has become an industry? It is an industry based, not on the saving of mothers' lives, but on, in almost all cases, eliminating the consequences of sexual pleasure?

Donal O'Driscoll



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