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Kenny's wrong, a 'Brexit' would be good for trade

Enda Kenny appears to be rather like Lance Corporal Jones in Dad's Army, spreading mass panic among the troops regarding the outcome of a possible Brexit.

If the UK did actually exit the EU, it would not be a problem at all for the peace process, or for north-south relations.

The UK and Northern Ireland would be in a far better trading position; they would still be in the single market minus all those weighty EU directives and regulations, which merely act as a ball-and-chain to trade and investment.

In addition, the UK is not confined to trading just within the EU - it has just signed a series of deals with China.

The late predecessor of the EU, the old Common Market, was, after all, about trade plain and simple; it was not about bringing in more and more daft regulations from Brussels to hamper trade and business.

A Brexit result in the forthcoming referendum would be nearly as good as watching Siegfried defeat the dragon Fafner with his sword Nothung at Bayreuth.


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