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Kerr's killers are totally obsolete

I WAS very upset to hear about Constable Ronan Kerr losing his life. The so-called 'dissidents' and their supporters are like a 19th century solution to a 21st century reality.

Their simplistic cry of 'Brit rule out of Ireland' is obsolete. This is a global economy with global companies in every land. These economies are forging their own cultures. Real culture is about the land and its history, with its people interacting creatively to make a future.

I want to go further about public abhorrence to pointless terrorism.

We always strengthen that which we oppose. It happens every time. It's in the nature of things. Think about this: it means that the dissidents are strengthening the resolve of peaceful people, the majority. The Irish dissidents are killing and hurting - physically and mentally - the Irish people.

They are also tainting Irish culture and obstructing the real work urgently needed to build a peaceful Irish, Ulster-Scottish and British peoples' future.




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