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Kerr's killers share the same DNA as Sinn Fein

The dastardly murder of Constable Ronan Kerr rightly evoked outrage. Joint First Minister Martin McGuinness used all the right words, but what are they worth?

If the vile murder of Constable Kerr was wrong - and it indisputably was - then so, too and equally, was every one of the murders of the 300 policemen butchered by McGuinness's IRA.

Yet, to this day, each one of those killings are justified by McGuinness and, indeed, celebrated by Sinn Fein when they organise events to glorify the acts and lives of dead terrorists.

If, among other things, McGuinness is not a base hypocrite, then now is the time for him not just to condemn every one of those murders of policemen, but to prove his bona fides by coming forward to the police with the information that a director of IRA plc most assuredly holds.

That is the test of Sinn Fein sincerity. Otherwise, they proclaim that, whereas the murder of Constable Kerr was wrong, the murder of 300 other police officers was right.

So, enough honeyed and weasel words, Mr McGuinness. Let's see you measure up to the real test.

Sadly, he will not, because the heart that holds such dark, vile secrets still sees the murders of his IRA as justified and necessary to propel him to the office of state he now besmirches.

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The organisation that murdered Constable Kerr shares the same DNA as IRA/Sinn Fein, the same goal and the same methodology.


Leader, Traditional Unionist Voice


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