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Kevin and Dawn lead us into a new beginning

Well done, Kevin Myers, for his views on the treatment meted out to the four firemen who came across four men engaged in group sex in a public place.

We wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments.

It is absolutely ridiculous that any attention was paid to the complainant.

What a waste of ordinary decent taxpayers' money.

We have no doubt that there are many who feel that all this homosexual rights business has gone way too far.

Let us begin to make our voices heard in opposition. Our rights as normal, law-abiding, decent folk are being stripped away.

We don't want to be confronted by this sort of behaviour going on in bushes as we stroll by on a summer evening with our grandchild by the hand.

Let's have done with the claims that Kevin is expressing homophobic views.

Nonsense. He is expressing ordinary commonsense views.

We don't hate those involved in these practices. We feel sorry that they need to resort to such demeaning acts for pleasure.

If they really must indulge, they should do so in private, indoors.

By way of contrast, it was refreshing to read of a young woman, Dawn Eden, who admits that casual sex is definitely not the way to find fulfilment in life.

Dawn admits that she tried this lifestyle and only at 31, when she became a Christian, did she realise that chastity was a more positive and fulfilling choice.

And well done Deirdre Reynolds on an equally well written article.

Thank you too, Dawn, for pointing out to all those involved in the casual sex lifestyle that there is an infinitely better way to live!

Desi and Patsy Montgomery, Ballymena

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