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Killer Black's remains should find no rest in Ireland

Regarding the recent happy demise of serial killer Robert Black in Maghaberry Prison, I am stunned that the Minister for Justice seems keen to conceal his plan that the corpse of this foul predator and homicidal paedophile be retained on our shores.

Is the corpse to be buried or cremated? If the former, who is to officiate and where are the remains to lie? If the latter, given the queue at Roselawn, will the relatives of the deceased cremated immediately subsequent to Black be informed in whose company their own loved one shares the premises?

May we also be told on which beach the state proposes to scatter his ashes? Our children should know whose sandy remains they are curling their toes in. The coyness of the Minister for Justice on these issues continues to be unseemly. I can't recall a similar issue arising in Northern Ireland, where it is proposed that we host the remains of a devil on a par with Ian Brady and Fred West, simply because the beast murdered a child from here - a conviction he was, of course, contesting. We owe it to the relatives of Jennifer Cardy and of the creature's other victims across Britain and, possibly, the Republic also, to see to it his remains are returned to Britain from where he came to Ireland about his sick and murderous business.


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