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Killer Stewart doesn't deserve the humiliation

I have little doubt that your paper has been inundated with letters in relation to the Hazel Stewart trial - not least because of the high level of media coverage that it attracted.

While I am not a person who normally writes to newspapers, I felt that, on this occasion, I simply had to. Let me state at the outset that I have never met Hazel Stewart, nor any member of her family, and I totally and unequivocally condemn her actions. She is now rightly paying a very high price for her criminality.

Clearly she can expect that she will receive much criticism in the Press and, while I have no difficulty with the volume of this per se, I note with interest the style in which she was reported.

Great lengths were gone into to describe her disposition and demeanour during her trial; again, this is to be expected.

What concerned me, however, was that your reporters went to great length to highlight how this once "glamourous blonde" had been reduced to a mere shadow of her former self.

These reports described in detail the painted nails, carefully coloured hair and designer clothes. Not satisfied with that, they went on to explain to readers that, while in prison, she would be subjected to taunts and sexual innuendo from young male inmates located at Hydebank.

No doubt, the public could figure this out for themselves and the reminder given by your reporters simply smacked of 'rubbing it in'.

Surely she is paying the full price for her crimes. We should leave it at that without further need to try to humiliate her.


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