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Killing for fun does not help to conserve wildlife

The shooting dead of a Red Kite in Co Wicklow (Belfast Telegraph, August 30) proves the point that Irish firearm owners operate via the motto: 'If it flies, it dies'.

Bird identification would not be their strong point. That is why they use the 'blindman's weapon', the shotgun, to blast wildlife into oblivion.

Ireland's live shooting community portray themselves as conservationists and caretakers of the countryside. In their ammunition-addled brain they fail to notice that they are responsible for the massive amount of slaughter inflicted on Irish wildlife each year.

The conservation of Irish wildlife and its habitat does not, and never did, depend on the actions of those who kill wildlife for fun. They contribute nothing only terror and death to the issue and can rightly be called rural vandals.

John Tierney, Association of Hunt Saboteurs, Dublin

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