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Kincora inquiry decisions let down victims

The history of child abuse within the Kincora Boys' Home is a stain on Northern Ireland society.

The refusal of the Secretary of State to refer Kincora to the London-based Goddard Inquiry, with powers, is a scandalous decision.

The unwillingness of Roy Garland and Colin Wallace to co-operate with Judge Hart's Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) is deeply disappointing and those who have suffered horrifically will feel let down.

Both Mr Garland and Mr Wallace seemingly have much to offer the HIA. The strong suspicions that important people were involved in the abuse of boys behind the closed doors of a home that should have been a refuge is a matter that needs full investigation.

Those who have been guilty of such abuse, it seems, will escape being exposed and the ageing victims don't have time on their side for justice. Our entire society loses out morally and legally, given these decisions.


East Belfast DUP

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