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Kingdom of Heaven is open to all faiths

With the Eucharistic Congress, being held in Dublin this week, it goes without saying that, being classed by those of the Roman Catholic faith as a "non Catholic", I shall not be there.

I consider myself to be as Christian as the next person, and like millions of others who rightfully consider themselves also to be as Christian (both in words and deeds) as others who believe in a different faith than Roman Catholicism, yet still appertaining to the divine belief of Christianity.

I believe it says somewhere in the Bible "in my house there are many mansions."

I interpret this as God accommodating people of various Christian faiths - never mind those who never had the chance, nor the choice nor the wish to choose a faith. Nowhere can I find in the Bible, that for one to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, one must be a Roman Catholic.

Having a belief in humanity values, irrespective of one's faith, surely must be more acceptable to God, than any sectarian slaughter carried out in His name, on others of a different faith to their own, particularly so, when they worship the same God.

Surely the time has arrived, for an ecumenical debate, to be held to unite those of the Christian faith into one faith, and thereby destroy the myth of God accepting that only one faith on the planet can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Harry Stephenson


Co Down

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