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Lack of dualling on A5 a serious safety concern

I AM writing to highlight a recurring road safety concern. As a regular user, I have witnessed countless near-misses on a regular basis on the present A5 road.

I find it very stressful to drive on. The reason for this is that, unlike other national roads such as the A6, there is not a single overtaking lane between Derry and Omagh.

Tailbacks of 15-20 cars behind slow-moving vehicles are commonplace. This leads to driver frustration. I have personally witnessed numerous near-collisions as drivers take a chance to get by.

As a businessman based in Dublin, trying to do business in the North West is a nightmare. If I have to travel to Cork, Limerick, Galway, or Waterford (less than half the size of Derry), I have a stress-free journey on a fantastic motorway system.

Why would anyone want to do business in the North West when it is so badly cut off from the rest of the island – especially Dublin?

The Government has already put huge amounts of the money set aside for this road into connecting towns such as Larne and Ballymena to Belfast, but they seem to have no interest in helping motorists in the North West.

Derry is the only area in the whole of the country that does not have motorway access. If there was any other method of travel to the North West other that having to subject myself to this road, I would use it. But I have no option.

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