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Lack of ethics ignored amid hand-wringing

The Belfast Telegraph's coverage of the church leaders' criticisms of banking methods and your own editorial ('Banks should heed churchmens' anger,' June 17) are to be welcomed.

Far too much of the coming years' retrenchment will have to be borne by ordinary working men and women when it has been well-paid senior banking staff and financial specialists who have caused the huge imbalance in our national finances.

However, both the church leaders and your own editorial pass over in silence the underlying lack of ethics in the banking and financial sectors: they are profit-driven entities that do not care for customers or staff, but are only focused on 'shareholder value'.

Our own Progressive Building Society is a different structure altogether, as it is a mutual, and the Co-operative Bank and Triodos Bank are other alternatives that have publicly available statements of their ethics and business strategies.

We do not need to wring our hands and hope that the 'Big Four' banks here will improve their performance and be nicer people: we need to move our money to proven ethical banking institutions.


Ballymena, Co Antrim


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