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Lack of quality means price rise unjustified

As a resident of south Belfast, I was dismayed to find out that our water supply now largely comes not from Silent Valley, but from the verdant shores of Lough Neagh.

Readers from outside the city may say: so what? They have been getting that for a while already.

The issue is that now, instead of getting a crystal-clear supply, residents in Belfast's southside (along with others) now have to contend with dried residues evident on utensils, sinks/drainers and in calcification of kettles, dishwashers and washing machines.

Rumour has it that consumers are all going to have to pay significantly for water in the future for ‘infrastructure improvements’.

That might be palatable if the quality was increasing. However, it is even less palatable given that the quality appears to be decreasing — not to mention the consumers' incremental cost for water softeners to protect machines, etc.

NI Water claims that the Lough Neagh supply meets all statutory standards — even though it appears that supplies here are not quite so crystal-clear.



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