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Lack of security makes me fear for my future

My heart was filled with sorrow and my mind immediately with worry, and a sense of anger and remorse filled my body, as I watched what was happening in Paris.

I may be only 16, and people may think I'm naive, but trust me: I'm more than informed of what is going on in this big, bad, barbaric world, and truthfully, it scares me. I truly worry about what my future will be like if these sadistic incidents become commonplace.

With no border controls and no background checks, we have no idea who the migrants we are taking in are. How on earth would we deal with an attack on a comparable scale to what happened in Paris?

Can the Government, who are meant to protect people like me, the children in society, the next generation, honestly say we are safe?

As a teenager, I'm meant to be carefree, but I can't seem to shake this sense of unease that fills my mind. The world and society as we know it is changing and I, for one, fear and dread what is coming next.


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