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Lagan litter louts lacking civic pride

WHILE I am always delighted to see people enjoy the sunshine and beautiful parkland beside Malone House and around the Lagan Towpath, a shocking sight greeted visitors and locals recently.

Litter was spread over a wide area, together with the charred remains of barbecues, glass bottles, clothes and food leftovers. Clearly, it was a good party, but how can people leave this mess - and who do they expect is going to clean it up?

We are lucky to have beautiful parklands so close to the city and free for everyone to enjoy. Much money has been spent recently creating and clearing new paths for walking and cycling and the people who look after the grounds do a fantastic job. They must feel despair at having to clean up mess left by thoughtless oafs.

We should all be ashamed. In other countries in Europe and beyond this behaviour would simply not be tolerated. Is this the image we want to present to others visiting the city?

It may be old-fashioned, but we need to start teaching and preaching personal responsibility and civic pride - both at home and in school.


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