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Language deal making a parody of real politics

At a time when Finance Minister Sammy Wilson announces over £400m of cuts right across the board, including a deduction of £113m from the already inadequate health budget, the news that £20m is to be spent on promoting the Irish language and a further £5m on Ulster-Scots is beyond parody.

These are two vanity projects of nil real benefit to any of the citizens of this province and to place them ahead of health and education needs is final proof of the dysfunctional nature of politics in the province.

The money may be coming from Westminster and there may be little prospect of an Irish Language Act, but the Hillsborough Agreement may well be unravelled by these absurd side-deals.

Where are the side-deals that will protect our education system or adequately fund our ailing health service?

Will Westminster replace the funding being withdrawn from our excellent preparatory schools, or is a fudge on a handful of contentious parades all unionists will get?

It seems that Sinn Fein have been able to run rings around their DUP counterparts.

We now need details of any other side-deals lurking in the shadows before we decide on the wisdom of devolving policing and justice.


Lisburn City Council


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