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Laurence misses the target

I write to commend Laurence White’s article (Belfast Telegraph, August 22) in which he chastises Ian Paisley Jnr’s disgraceful suggestion that police return the fire of republicans.

As a supposedly democratic parliamentarian, Mr Paisley should be ashamed of himself. Is he not aware that, as pointed out by several senior Sinn Fein politicians, this would potentially infringe the republicans' right to life as enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights?

To prevent the possibility of such unjustified carnage, I would like Hugh Orde to issue an immediate order that all members of PSNI adopt a shoot to miss policy.

This should be an interim measure only.

As soon as practical, lethal Glock and Heckler & Koch firearms should be removed from police use altogether.

These weapons should be replaced by ping-pong ball sub-machine guns and cream pies of the type used so effectively in the movie Bugsy Malone. This, combined with replacement of armoured Land Rovers with pedal cars, should prevent excessive police reaction which could well inhibit republicans from exercising their God given right to fire at them, or the public at large, the occasional surplus RPG which might have slipped past the decommissioning process.



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