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Law ignored Christian value of B&B owners

The court decision that Mr and Mrs Bull, a Christian couple in Cornwall, couldn't deny a gay couple a bed in their B-amp;B is conclusive proof that Christian values are no longer acceptable in the UK.

In his judgement Judge Rutherford decided that attitudes have changed enough in the past 50 years that the law could "cut across" Christian beliefs.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission also commented that as the Christian couple in question had decided to open a business, community values and not private ones must be upheld in their hotel.

Both the comments of the Equality and the Human Rights Commission and the judgment of the court show a remarkable misunderstanding of Christianity and a complete lack of respect for the right of an individual to live out their faith in public.

Christian faith is not something that you can leave at the door of your business. Jesus taught us that if anyone is ashamed of Him and His words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when they come in His Father's glory.

Alexander Redpath



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