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Law that fines me £45 for bus lane error but ignores bonfire crime and a hell of a lot more truly is an ass

letter of the day: LOSING FAITH IN JUSTICE

I recently received a £45 fine for using the bus lane outside Central Station in Belfast. I cannot afford this payment.

A man drops his family off to catch a train, oblivious to the fact he was in contravention of local traffic management laws.

Had I known this restriction was in place, why would I have done it in the first place?

All around me, particularly at this time of year, I see dozens - if not hundreds - of examples of different laws being broken and the authorities turning a blind eye.

Widespread displays of offensive flags, election posters and tyres used on bonfires, a range of environmental laws broken and flaunted, alcohol being openly consumed in areas where it is supposed to be banned, hate crimes committed, huge littering and numerous examples that provide clear evidence of criminal damage. Houses burned to the ground, for goodness sake.

All this can take place with no consequences for the perpetrators. How many £45 fines were given to those involved in any of what has been described here?

Either we are all subject to the rule of law or we are not. Why should I be punished for a genuine error, while others completely get away with deliberate, blatant and hugely damaging offensive criminal acts?

If they can be exempted, then why can't I? It is absolutely pathetic that this is allowed to happen. The law is indeed an ass, but when the rule of law is entirely undermined, when certain offences are overlooked, or when some crimes are deemed as acceptable, then otherwise law-abiding citizens like myself lose faith in a system that seems to favour the continuation and growth of its most divisive, damaging and destructive elements.


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