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Laws should be for all, not just the powerful

No doubt your readers have heard the saying, "There is one law for the rich and another for the poor".

But wouldn't it be more accurate if it were, "One law for civil society and another for the powerful"? ("Bloody Sunday bishop Edward Daly died a hero, says relative of teenager killed", News, August 8).

There are de facto two moral codes operating in most countries: the law the vast majority has to abide by and a law that permits the powerful to transcend this law. They have been able to use the instruments of state to justify to themselves and to their agents the rightfulness of their actions.

There is an empirical reason why all civil societies' moral codes conform to a global pattern: it is because morality is intrinsic in the human make-up, as natural and essential as the air we breath, but cannot see.

We depart from its precepts with peril, because morality is balance and justice and is constantly seeking to bring all things into harmony. Its jurisdiction is universal and eternal.


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