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'Lazy' journalism is ignoring the facts on Gaza

If you want to write with a sneer, use inverted commas, as Lindy McDowell does on Gaza - "humanitarian aid", "blockade of Gaza" etc (Life, June 9).

It's lazy journalism. The inference we're to draw is that those descriptions are either false or anti-Israeli propaganda.

But she's credulous when it comes to Israel's claim that three soldiers were disarmed and a commando was chained up with a gun to his head. The allegations seem weak in the context of a commando assault in international waters which left nine dead: this latter desecration being the only 'fact' that is a fact.

The piece is probably a punitive foray into dangerous waters and she'll soon return to more mundane matters, but if she should continue to comment on the tragic situation in the Middle East, some of us would prefer fewer sneers and more facts.


Secretary, New Ireland Group


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