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'Lazy' view of Protestantism is inaccurate

Brian McClinton is correct when he observes that too frequently spiritual considerations impinge upon temporal matters in unionist political discourse (Comment, July 18).

However, he overlooks individuals and groups within the Protestant community who have strived to foster the more "liberal and tolerant" Christianity which Mr McClinton feels has been marginalised.

Clergy, such as the Rev Chris Hudson, and political figures, such as John McCallister MLA, have been making significant progress in building an inclusive Church and polity.

Further, Mr McClinton's derisive view of Orangeism is unfair, and, I suspect, betrays his own particular prejudices.

I have yet to meet a member of the loyal Orange institution who parades in order to "jeer at their Catholic neighbours".

To equate the promotion of Protestant doctrine and a cultural celebration of unionism with "poisonous" bigotry is, quite simply, lazy and inaccurate.



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