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Leaders crash and burn over Dubai air link

I NOTED with utter despair that Dublin Airport has secured - indeed inaugurated - a potentially very lucrative new air link to Dubai with Emirates, a Middle Eastern airline that had been seriously looking at setting up an operation from Belfast International.

With the massive business potential that there is to be explored and nurtured in the Pacific ring area in general and the People's Republic of China in particular, the chance of an additional route to that area was one not to be missed.

This is especially true, given that current routes dictate that we have to travel via already congested airports at Amsterdam, Paris or Heathrow.

Unsurprisingly, those entrusted to capitalise on such opportunities have yet again been shown to be totally inept and lacking in any real or meaningful insight. This begs the question: how do they justify their exorbitant salaries - many of which are at taxpayers' expense?

Full marks, though, to the government of Ireland and Dublin Airport Authority for their vision.


Lisburn, Co Antrim