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Leaders must accept a democratic leave vote

Nowhere on the referendum voting paper did it mention anything about a border poll in Northern Ireland, or Scotland, breaking away from England if the result was not to their liking.

The choice on the voting paper was quite clear: do you want the UK to remain in Europe, or leave. The choice was to leave by a majority of the UK electorate.

It seems Martin McGuinness has a problem with democracy when he doesn't get the result he voted for. Tough, just lump it.

As for Scotland, Sturgeon has had her referendum over leaving the UK, and the result was 28 council areas in favour of remaining part of the UK and only four for independence.

That is democracy. Now she wants a re-run after telling the electorate it would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become independent. I wonder how long she considers a lifetime to be?

As for Enda Kenny of the Republic of Ireland, we don't need any comments from him while his country depends on the European begging bowl.


Carryduff, Co Down

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