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Leaders need to act over flag protests

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY condemn the behaviour of protesters in recent days.

The progress that has been made, for example, at an inter-community and grassroots level through developmental peace and reconciliation work, should remain focused, in spite of this recent trouble linked to flags.

There have been many groups and organisations working hard to build a better and brighter future for all.

There is no excuse, or justification, for the level of hatred perpetrated across this city and other areas.

The minority of individuals who have an agenda of hatred and intolerance and who are clearly determined to destabilise our communities must not be allowed to do so. They will not drag us back to the past.

I call on all statutory agencies, political and community leaders, the PSNI and the leadership of the churches to put in place preventative measures so these unacceptable actions do not happen again.



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