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Leaders stand idly by as death cult massacres more

I am enraged by the events in Sousse, in which more innocent Irish citizens lost their lives.

The sickening catalogue of Islamic terrorist atrocities continues to swell, from the World Trade Center, 2001; Bali, 2002; Madrid trains, 2004; Beslan School, North Ossetia, 2004; London Underground, 2005; Camp Speicher and Sinjar Massacres, Iraq, 2014; Charlie Hebdo, 2015, to name but a few.

The destruction of irreplaceable cultural heritage, such as the Buddhas of Bamiyan, the Golden Mosque of Samarra, Jonah's tomb in Mosul, antiquities in the Mosul museum, manuscripts in the Timbuktu library, and most probably soon the Roman metropolis of Palmyra, further confirm the underlying ideology as a depraved, blood-soaked, misogynistic, anti-enlightenment death cult.

Western leaders make statements expressing "condemnation in the strongest terms", but are more concerned with the impact of "foreign wars" on re-election than the morality of standing idly by as genocide, massacres, beheadings and all manner of depravity are perpetrated.

These feeble statements are patently trite platitudes which reveal our impotence and only serve to embolden the jihadists. To quote Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." This looming fight will not be in any manner a Christian Crusade against Islam, but rather a clash of secular enlightenment against the tyranny of twisted intolerance and evil. It will nonetheless have to be prosecuted with "extreme prejudice".

It is an appalling tragedy that, as we approach a new Age of Enlightenment driven by advances in science, the democratisation of knowledge by information technology, and the acculturation of the principles of universal equality, secular humanism and environmental sustainability, we are being dragged back to revisit withering wars of annihilation.


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