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Leading, not ducking, debate is welcome

I really appreciate the Belfast Telegraph giving voice to columnists who don’t just parrot liberal platitudes, but actually tell the truth.

A case in point is the article by Sean O’Driscoll (Comment, May 25), writing of his experience living in a majority-Muslim country.

It is important that people understand that Muslims claim the right to propagate their religion everywhere, but deny it to others whenever they are in the majority.

I also appreciate the article by Eilis O’Hanlon (Comment, May 24), who very courageously exposes the hypocrisy of Sinn Fein when they condemn Islamic bombers, but continue to justify the actions of IRA bombers.

Terrorists, whether republican or loyalist, shouldn’t be allowed to get away with justifying the murders of anyone.

How can Sinn Fein expect good relations with unionists whenever Michelle O’Neill speaks at commemorations of IRA activists? Remember, the IRA men shot at Loughgall were in the process of trying to murder the occupants of Loughgall police station at the time.


Ballymena, Co Antrim

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