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Leaving the European Union would give us chance to improve farming sector, create jobs and wealth

letter of the day: brexit argument

I WANT to wish the new UFU president Barclay Bell well in the job (Business, April 29), but I take issue with his views on the EU.

First, he says there is no financial evidence to support a Brexit. I say, as a farmer, the disaster of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a good reason to leave the European Union.

Remember, what little funding we get each year will dwindle to nothing within a few years, especially when Turkey joins the EU and it will need the bulk of the funding to improve agriculture there.

Remember, too, the money we get as farmers is only a small proportion of what the UK taxpayer gives the EU to start with, just to allow us free trade in Europe.

So, if we left, we would not be any financially worse off; in fact we will be a lot better of when we can make our own trade deals and decide if we wish to allow imports of agricultural products from other countries. Farming is of strategic interest to the UK Government and farmers will be looked after.

Mr Bell said we have too much to lose in a Brexit; I disagree. We have nothing to lose, but have a chance to greatly improving the farming sector, create more jobs and wealth.

The UK - including Northern Ireland - can do much better after we leave the EU in terms of how we spend our own money, export goods and decide our own direction in the world. As the world's fifth-largest economy it's time we stood on our own two feet again.

Staying in the EU is a bigger risk than leaving as I believe the EU will collapse within a few years. With independence from the EU we can look more to exports outside Europe while continuing to work with our neighbours in Europe.

I do agree with Mr Bell, though, that farmers here will have to form more co-operatives to reduce costs and increase profit.


Castlederg, Co Tyrone

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