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Leaving the UK is the solution to Northern Ireland's problems

It has become increasingly transparent to me as recent events have transpired that Northern Ireland's best interests are no longer served in the United Kingdom, but rather as an autonomous self-governing state (like the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands) albeit still under the Crown.

We would have a common nationality, Northern Irish, with a common passport conveying that common national identity. We would have a single national flag, preferably the St Patrick saltire, and a national seal, the maiden seal harp.

With the exception of foreign and international affairs, we would have control of every aspect of the governance of our little country. It is undemocratic that we live under laws made by parties we can't even vote for.

With much talk recently of a separate corporation tax rate for Northern Ireland, as an autonomous Crown territory, we could set our own tax rates across the board to suit our own individual needs, rather than the |current situation where our |taxes are set by people living |on an entirely separate island. I truly believe this to be the best course for our country and |a final settlement (future opinion shifts notwithstanding) to |end the Green v Orange battles that have caused us all so much needless suffering.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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