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Legacy of Troubles 'brain drain' still apparent

We recently advertised for a position within our company. The post was a prominent and attractive position with a responsibility to represent the company to our clients in a professional and polite manner.

Unsurprisingly, with reports of 60,000-plus unemployed in Northern Ireland, we were inundated with CVs.

These covered a wide gamut of people, from GPs, lawyers and teachers to taxi-drivers, plasterers and bar staff.

However, most of those who were called for interview would depress even the most optimistic of employers.

Lateness, bad manners, dire use of the English language (themins and useins), the most inappropriate appearance - with multiple facial piercings, tattoos, ripped jeans and ridiculous multi-coloured hairstyles. Some of those called for interview didn't even bother to turn up.

It has only reaffirmed my view that this little country of ours is living with the legacy of the 'brain drain', whereby anyone with any brains left during the Troubles.

It baffles me that people can proceed through a formal education system until the age of 16 and still not be able to spell, speak clearly or present themselves in a manner that will benefit themselves for their own future.




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