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Let airport expand - but at a price

I cannot share your paper's enthusiasm for the arrival of Ryanair to George Best Belfast City Airport.

I have yet to meet a Ryanair customer expressing pleasure at the experience and while competition on the London run may help keep fares down, the pressure from this airport to expand will be even greater.

I believe the current level of passenger traffic is in breach of its allowable limit and that the airport has failed to provide the promised rail link to the city centre.

The location of this airport is already a problem and I urge readers to lobby ministers to allow an extension of the runway only on the basis that quieter planes be allowed and, due to their larger capacity, fewer flights. I live two miles from the airport and yet the aircraft noise, as they fly overhead, totally overwhelms conversation, telephone calls etc. So for the people who live beside it, it must be intolerable.

What do we have to do to get the flights reduced (rather than increased) so that an acceptable balance may be reached?

Does a medium sized town like Belfast really need two airports?

Barney Gadd, Belfast

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